Sunday, 22 January 2012

Scandal Japan - Pics Collection 1

 Scandal Japan Scandal Band Japan Scandal All Girls Group Scandal Jrock Scandal Jpop Music Vids Collection - Malaysia - Love song - Close to you - Malaysian Songwriter Musician 2012

Scandal Japan is my most favorite Jpop / Jrock band from Japan. Scandal Band Japan comprises of 4 hot Chicks - Haruna (Main Vocals/ 2nd Guitar), Tomomi (Vocals & Bass), Mami (Lead Guitarist & Vocals) and my favorite of the lot, who is incidentally is also the cutest of thew lot ...Rina (the hot super sexy drummer). Scandal Band from Japan is one of those groups that you could really get hooked on and thrust me, I should know this as I was just like you once upon a time. I was introduced to Kpop by my sweetheart (which I find kinda hot too but they seriously pale in comparison to these girls from Japan!) and as I was browsing through these Kpoppers on youtube; I stumbled upon the song Haruka...from Scandal. And that was the start of my love at first sight for this band. Dont get me wrong, Im not judging them based purely because they look super hot and sexy but on the fact that these girls can really dished out some pretty mean rifts and licks on their guitars and all 4 of them are excellent female musicians. They can really play the bass, showcase some sexy leads and awesome drum skills plus they all can sing and they sound freakishly sexy cool!!!

Scandal band from Japan is determinately my numero uno when it comes to Asian music as a whole!!!

So, Im doing a little tribute in showcasing their beauty in all aspects from their looks to their skills to their music as a whole.

I hope you guys and girls like what I have prepared ....Rock on and peace out peeps!!!

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